The future of Exactoscale Track & Wheel products

An Announcement from Andrew Jukes


As owner of Exactoscale tooling and stock I have decided to take back control of the management, selling and marketing of the entire range.

All sales of Exactoscale products by C&L will cease at the end of July and our aim is that carriage and wagon wheels, track and turnout kits will become available under new arrangements by or during September 2018.

All products will be sold under the brand name “Exactoscale Products”. Exactoscale Products is not a company but an informal cooperative group of modellers. The aim is to recover all costs with a small margin to cover risk and the cost of working capital.

The Exactoscale P4/EM carriage and wagon wheels and associated components (axles, bearings etc) have already ceased to be available from C&L. New and effective arrangements for the supply of wheels are currently evolving and I hope it will be possible also eventually to reintroduce the Exactoscale P4 loco wheel range as part of the same process.

Exactoscale track components and turnout kits are also being brought “In -house”.  Timescales here are likely to be longer as there is a large volume of stock to be disentangled, sorted and organised. Some components may need to be ordered, with the lead – time issues that implies. It is intended that we will be offering the full range of P4 and EM track.

Initially, mail order sales will exclusively be from the Scalefour Society Stores and EMGS Stores although in addition, we intend, shortly, to create our own ordering facilities.

It is our aim that Exactoscale Products will have a website which will contain a full price list of all products, instruction sheets on using the products and more general advice on assembling and laying track.

As soon as we have a clearer picture of timescales, details will be published in the model railway press and with the Editor’s permission the next EMGS Newsletter.

Andrew Jukes  

EMGS member 03118

Scalefour Society member 1054

This notice will appear in the EM Gauge Society Newsletter and the Scalefour News