Exactoscale Track and Wheels

Exactoscale Products is the home of Exactoscale track components and wheels, run by a cooperative group of modellers.

Our aim is to gradually bring these products to market, so please check our News & Announcements page for all the latest information.

Distribution arrangements will vary by product group. To launch the new arrangements, Exactoscale Products will be attending Scaleforum 2018 on the 22nd & 23rd September.

Track Components

4mm products include running chairs (S1, GWR, MR & LSWR), Bridge, Slide and Small (M1) chairs, FastTrack flexible bases (P4 only) NewTrack Plain Line and Turnout Kits.
Plus range of 7mm chairs.



P4 and EM carriage and wagon wheels.
Bearings & back-to-back gauges.
P4 locomotive wheels.
Wheels are only available through the Scalefour and EMGS stores.

News & Announcements

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