Pricing from 1st May 2019

Eagle-eyed customers will have noticed that our price lists were valid up to 31st March 2019. It has taken us longer than expected to analyse our costs and the income generated from sales. We hadn’t expected, for example, that over 90% of sales would be to the three Societies – Scalefour, EMGS and Scale 7.

No change to component prices

So first the good news … the prices of individual items will not be changing. Thanks to the overall volume of orders, we’ve been able to contain cost increases. The year ahead may well see volatile raw materials costs, and we will do our best to maintain these prices for a further year.

Direct mail order pricing

If you purchase from us direct and not through the Societies, there will be some changes, effective from 1st May.

We initially under-estimated the cost of providing a mail order service to individuals, so from 1st May the Online Facility Charge will be an addition of 15% of the goods value.

We’ve also had lots of small orders, and these take just as long to pack and post as larger orders. For this reason we are implementing a Minimum Order Value of £25 … that’s £25 before the addition of the 15% and postage.

Thank you for your custom

We’d like to thank everyone who has purchased Exactoscale products since we started in November last year.

We still believe the best way to purchase Exactoscale Products is from the three Societies … Scalefour, EMGS, and Scale 7 … as there are many other benefits to modellers from being members of the Societies.

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